Photo by Shanel Edwards  IG: @shaneledwardsart

Photo by Shanel Edwards

IG: @shaneledwardsart

About Uriah

Uriah Bussey is a Georgia born and West Philadelphia raised with pronouns that are she/her/they/them. Uriah Bussey received a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Kutztown University of Pennsylvania, in concentrations Printmaking and Applied Digital Arts with a minor in Art History. Uriah has been a Teaching Artist for organizations like The Shipley School Enrichment Camp and currently for the Philadelphia Arts in Education Program.

Uriah’s biggest inspirations are the daily life, family and her time alone when she dives deep into self-portraiture, whether it be in photo or drawing. Uriah’s current practice involves plenty of automatic writing and automatic drawing, in which she finds her greatest intuitions and spirit calling. Uriah hopes that her view of others and herself are reflective emotionally not only physically in the minimal line work she produces and the obedience to the automatic process, thus building environments around the firsts projected images. Uriah is always inspired by the creative community that surrounds her and admires collaborations greatly for the purpose of learning and team building that is a result of it. She lives a life where she is surrounded by many creative and artists friends; their medium always reaches inside of her work.

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